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Georg Dwalischwili and Janis Karklins of German-Latvian creative agency Flow Design have renovated the clothing hanger by eliminating the hook and replacing it with strong earth magnets. The minimal natural birch hangers can hold a suit with a shirt, a coat, a sweater or a simple T-shirt. The hanger holds up to two kilogram (4.4 lb.) and can be used on any metallic surface. Sold in packs of three, the Cliq Premium magnetic clothing hangers are now available online for approximately $208 USD per set.

Now, I think the shirts that will be displayed on these will more likely be more expensive than the hanger - 200+... But for boutique fashion stores with luxury brands and minimal product, this could be an added cool factor to the experience.

I also believe that this product has potential for security as well. Using a magnetic system with a key FOB to release product is an interesting idea. I could see it working for glass cases, where if the store associate was close enough, the cabinet would unlock with a proximity sensor - much like your keyless entry cars.

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