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Two Things You Must Do To Achieve Work-Life Balance

When I started the design department at LG&P Canada 7 years ago it was a struggle. Being a start-up company we took on any work that was related to our field, fighting tooth and nail for anything we could get our hands on. We took on and conquered jobs with unreal timelines and expectations. We were soon known as the company that would always come through, no matter the request. Our clients quickly realized the potential of our agency and started to place ALL of their projects in our hands. I pulled all-nighters, weekend and holidays. It really did consume me. I hired more designers and we doubled our staff every year. Jim Coudal is right, I felt we were just growing for the sake of growing and never evaluated if the work was what we really wanted to do. I approached the idea with the leadership team and started making conscious decisions directing us into the type of agency we wanted to be. We focus on the high level strategic work that places us as our client’s business partner, not as another vendor. We help guild their business plans every year, not just execute them. This is the work we want to do; this is what we’re good at. We gave up the executional (and sometimes highly profitable) business to focus on where our clients need us most. To admit, this was EXTREAMLY difficult for me to take (and I still struggle with), but I know it’s best for our business and our clients.

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